5 Best Panasonic Water Flosser Reviews 2018 – 2019 For Dental Flossing Desire


In our reviews, we always take time in picking the best products among users for consumers to get the best value for their money spent. This is what we’ve also done in this best Panasonic Water Flosser Reviews discussed here. We try as much as possible not to be biased when it comes to our reviews, so we stay fair giving the right information as it relates to the panasonic water flosser in view. However, the priority is not focused on income generation but buyers information which can help them get the right water flosser.  In a nutshell, if you’re among those in need of a Panasonic brand of water flosser, you are highly welcome to check my best pick for you.

Panasonic is one popular Company known for water flosser manufacturing. Their products has at least rated among top brands such as the waterpik brand. In this discussion list you will see 5 Panasonic water flossing unit which I think may fall into your budget and needs.

Before the review, it is worth knowing that traditional brushing is not enough if you want to maintain a thorough oral hygiene. Daily brushing is good but not as effective as some areas of your teeth and gumline cannot be reached by your toothbrush. And you know food remains can hide in these areas which need to be clean or flush out. But when not put into consideration can therefore accumulate to form plaque that can lead to tarta.

However, the best way to get rid of food particles effectively that usually stuck in between hard-to-reach areas in the mouth which a toothbrush can’t reach, water flosser becomes of relative importance. Water flossing removes the particles gently from a stream of pressure water released by it without you experiencing any pains and it’s advantage of water flossing are many.

5 Best Panasonic Brand Of Water Flosser Comparison and Reviews

Comparatively waterpik water flossers sound loud in people’s ears but Panasonic is another brand majority in the United States uses in their homes. We can’t dispute the fact on which water flosser brand is good or not but certainly every company has their ups and down. But this is not a debating time, we are here to show you our best pick Panasonic water flosser comparison. This is to facilitate a quick buying process unless you would like to take a look at the complete reviews.  

Brand name
Pulses Per Minute
Power Source
Reservoir Capacity
Check Price
1. Panasonic EW1270AC
1600 pulses per minute
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2. Panasonic EW1611W
1,900 pulses per minute
20 oz.
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3. Panasonic EW1211A
10.6 ounces
1,500 pulses per minute
4 oz.
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4. Panasonic EW-DJ40-W503
9.3 ounces
1600 pulses per minute
Battery required
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5. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A
14.2 ounces
1,400 pulses per minute
Battery required
5.5 oz.
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Many users of the EW1270AC Portable Oral flosser gave their testimonial which means, it’s worth the investment. So I urge you to look at the various products below.

5 Best Panasonic Water Flosser Reviews

1. Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

The EW1270AC oral irrigator is an improved state-of-the-art device in the water flosser world. This unit is an uttermost prodcut to look out for when it comes to water flossing. It comes in a slim and portable designed and let you carry easily. Highly recommend Panasonic EW1270AC for travellers needs. In addition, the cordless units feature 1,600 pulses per minutes compare to competitive units with lesser pulses. With the available pulses you are assured of different pressure levels and more effective power during floss time.

Although small in designed yet has large water reservoir capacity that accommodates up to 165 milli-litres and will last you up to 60 seconds without running out of water. You can rely on this Panasonic water flosser as it will help target hard to reach area while removing tough debris accurately and at the same time strengthens your gumline. Furthermore, this model of Panasonic flosser uses both 3V DC or 1.5V alkaline batteries but the battery is not included in this package.


  • Has a large tank capacity.
  • Easy to fold up and fit into backpack for traveling
  • Choose from different pulse level
  • Not bulky and occupy little space
  • Without batteries weighs just 7.4 ounces

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2. Panasonic EW1611W Oral Irrigator with Ultrasonic Waterjet

EW1611W  model is another Panasonic brand of water flossing device you can trust as it deliver performance.  Although, it is not a cordless unit but comes in a small design and won’t take much space in your bathroom making it ideal for those with little or no space.  The white colored panasonic ultrasonic water flosser features a jet water nozzle and this released pressured water for breaking up of plaque and in the removal of food particle.

Every features is made unique with this Panasonic oral irrigator review. For instance, feature a large capacity tank for easy refilling and holds more water for your need. Also, the tank is detachable and dishwasher safe. Furthermore, comes with 10 pressure level for different comfort level. Higher settings are ideal for normal sensitivities and lower settings are ideal for tender gum and teeth.


  • Magnetized nozzle handle and storage port
  • Good water accommodation capacity
  • Has a dishwasher safe water reservoir and also detachable reservoir
  • Quick maintenance, just wipe and you’re done
  • Ultrasonic waterjet

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3. Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser

Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser

This one comes with a limited pressure speed. It has three pressure level which is fewer compare to the first two units reviewed but doesn’t mean it won’t meet your floss needs. When you make this Panasonic EW1211A irrigator your favorites unit , you will be entitled to high, medium and low speed settings for various level of teeth sensitivity. More so, the low speed setting is ideal for children or those with more sensitive teeth or gum

Users of this Panasonic EW1211A gave their mark of acceptance on amazon as it does work to removes food remains and other particles. Owing to its compact design and cordless built, we recommend it for travelers as well. While most units are expensive, Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water is just under $50 and it will make a good purchase for anyone looking for an affordable water flosser.


  • It is a rechargeable model
  • Cordless model that provides conveniences
  • 3 level of pressure to choose from
  • Up to 1500 pulse per minutes
  • Feature two flossing nozzle
  • Alternate current charging stand included

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4. Panasonic EW-DJ40 Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

Panasonic EW-DJ40 Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

The EW-DJ40 will not disappoint you when it comes to space saving, travel, and storage need.  It’s compact size meets the aforementioned.  So don’t contemplate on whether to pick it as your ideal unit as it will help you do justice to oral hygiene daily.

What will you gain from purchasing this panasonic water flosser? It is a rechargeable model which means you can use it any time whether there power outage or not. Also comes with the powered cord to charge it at anywhere.

The power jet design tip allows water to reach difficult corners of your teeth thereby giving you a thorough mouth clean.  Below are more details about the ew-DJ40 Panasonic dental device.


  • Water jet nozzle
  • Two powered water jet settings
  • Small design for convenient

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5. Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Flosser

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Flosser

The last but not the least in this Panasonic water flosser reviews, comes the EW-DJ10 model. This is one of the first panasonic products and popular among consumers because of its performance.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A is portable and slim unit and best in class for those who ‘are planning business trip. The collapsing design makes Panasonic EW-DJ10-A fit into luggage and won’t be noticed by the . Also feature 100% waterproof body that require minor cleaning. However, the EW-DJ10 is not a rechargeable unit. It uses battery  and if you are looking for a rechargeable unit, consider checking this one appropriately.


  • Has a jet nozzle that delivers high dental cleaning reaching in-depth areas of the mouth and gums
  • Two setting pressure level, high for normal cleansing, lower speed for those with sensitive teeth and children inclusive
  • Waterproof body cover that makes cleaning breezy
  • Removes plaque and other food remains from gum-line without feeling pain
  • Easy refill reservoir
  • Portable and collapsing design
  • Uses AA battery to function

You can find more details by clicking the respective link associated with this product.

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Over Conclusion

I have taking time to put this review of my best pick Panasonic water flossers for anyone attention that needs a flosser from Panasonic company. So far, each of the units has be discussed and I have done my part carefully, its left for you to choose from the list which is best for you. Best of luck! Thanks for reading my post. I will be glad if you share my work with your social audience.